While clearly we know that Star Wars: The Old Republic will have Sith and Jedi, the Bounty Hunter was the first class that was officially unveiled by BioWare. So what forethought and pre-planning goes into deciding what players will be allowed to play? In this SWTOR dev blog, Daniel Erickson talks a bit about the struggle between good and evil, choosing sides, and what this all meant for the Bounty Hunter class.

There were a few decisions we made early on. First of all, there would be two distinct factions. This was Star Wars™, not Star Neutral Guy’s Adventure. When there is a war that spans an entire galaxy, nobody can stand on the sidelines. Sure Han is unaffiliated for about six minutes of the movies, but that doesn’t last long, and even if he’s not with the good guys he sure doesn’t like the Empire. The war affects everyone, even if they’d rather it didn’t.

This is a really good dev blog that shares, not only a little insight to the Bounty Hunter class, but also a few tid bits on the game as a whole. Check it out at the official SWTOR website!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016