Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest developer blog talks about what it takes to create a smuggler and many of the things players can expect to experience if they choose the life of a smuggler. From witty one-liners to romancing people way out of their class, smugglers excel at charm and outwitting their opponents. After all, they have to be clever, they're smugglers. Some smugglers are mercenaries, while others choose to help the poor and weak. While the pay may not be that good, the smuggler can make a lot of friends that might be able to help them out in a pinch later.

Not all of these spirited adventurers are mercenaries, of course. Some have hearts of gold and don’t worry about retiring to their own private moon. These heroes of the hyperlanes use their special talents to help the poor and downtrodden. It may not pay as well, but “honest” Smugglers make lots of friends. And when gangsters with informative names like Rogun the Butcher try to kill you, it’s nice having a few people you can rely on.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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