swtor - five awesome features in patch 1.3

The newest update for SWTOR, patch 1.3, is upcoming and while there is no new content to be found, there are some awesome features sure to make players happy. Some of these features are brand new innovations and others are in response to what players have been asking for. These new features that are coming in patch 1.3 will hopefully make SWTOR more enjoyable and playable for all the deskbound Jedi and Sith out there. Swtorhub.com takes a closer look at five awesome features found in patch 1.3

The biggest feature in patch 1.3 is the introduction of the group finder and is a feature that players have been clamoring for a long time to be introduced. Everyone has endured the hassle and frustration of trying to get a group together to do their favorite flashpoint or operation. Besides, who wants to waste hours hanging around the fleet station in the hopes of finally getting a group together?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016