Top 5 Ways to Earn Credits in Patch 1.3

When Star Wars: The Old Republic launched its server transfer service and my guild moved to its new server, we ran into an issue. We had to leave the old guild intact (some members refused to transfer), and that meant we couldn't take our guild bank with us. Setting up a new bank on the new server and transferring all the stuff from the old bank proved to be rather costly - by the time we got everything set up and restored, some of us were flat broke. Luckily, Patch 1.3 - Allies came out only days later, and gave us a number of new potential revenue streams.

Find out how to... "augment" your income (sorry, couldn't resist!) using Patch 1.3's new and improved systems with our Top 5 Ways to Earn Credits in Patch 1.3.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016