A little point-counterpoint action for ya.

While many of the popular blogs and articles out there tend to present Tabula Rasa in a somewhat negative light, there are lots of people who love the game. Tabula Blogger takes a stab at explaining the game from the eyes of a fan in this recent post.

I play this game with a ton of people who are on having fun and at all the live events people are always there to turn up and take part. It proves that there are a great deal of players happy with the game and that those who don't enjoy it shouldn't go about condemning it so easily. I think a lot of people are quitting because of things they hear, or are not even trying Tabula Rasa because of these same things that are just the opinions of people who don't get on with the game.

I know everyone has their own opinions and their own right to like or dislike a game and that really isn't what I am trying to say here. All I want to do is present a few facts based about the current concerns in the community and just express that people should try and ignore exasperated views if they are enjoying the game and carry on playing and supporting it. If you are a new player then give it a try and make your own opinion.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016