The love and hate of current and former Tabula Rasa players could write an entire book about it's rollercoaster ride from fame to finish. While it might be easier to diagnose what killed this science fiction MMO game, we have decided to go a different route. Our tribute to Tabula Rasa highlights every important event and milestone from the few months before launch to the announcement of it's last days. Take a look inside for the complete history of Tabula Rasa.

February 2008 - Only hinted at before, the developers discuss the PAU (player armor vehicles) and what they will look like. This generate excitement amongst community and quickly becomes a very popular topic of discussion. Just a few days later, the Korea Times reports NCsoft CEO Jee Jae Ho is disappointed with disastrous sales. Whether based on truth or the ills of post game development, the Austin office is downsized.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016