The silliness is out of control at the Tabula Rasa offices!

With the release of Tabula Rasa delayed for another few weeks, the Ten Ton Hammer editorial team extended a Q&A invitation to the Tabula Rasa developers to explain exactly how they're handling these last few weeks of polish and what's been happening in the NCsoft studio. Tabula Rasa's Community Manager, April Burba, accepted our invitation and spent a few moments jotting down her thoughts concerning these last few weeks of beta testing. After you've read through out interview, make sure you check out our Tabula Rasa Community Site for your detailed guides and previews!

April: Sleep is in short supply. Empty food cartons and tipped over coffee urns litter the breakrooms and hallways. Silliness has reached an all-time high. Seriously, it's been a crazy time around here and we are all excited about shipping the game and moving to the next stage of the game's life.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016