It's like writing fanfiction, except you get judged!

NCSoft has a fun little contest for everyone who's eagerly awaiting Tabula Rasa.

We’re sure that all of the AFS is familiar with Sara Morrison. Well, there is a new guy that just transferred in, and you get to decide exactly who he is.

We have very little information about him. We know it is a "him" and we know he originates from Earth and managed to escape before the Bane conquered the Earth. But that's about everything we know about him.

Have a look at his military ID picture below. What do you think his name is? Where do you think he comes from? Was he a dutiful and respected army officer or a renegade mercenary? Was he a husband, a son, or a father living a cozy suburban life, or was he a lonesome, wandering figure living his life in the darkness of some city’s back alleys? The choice is all yours. His name and his back-story are for you to define and to be recorded in AFS history for prosperity!

Read more about the contest and see the picture at the Tabula Rasa website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016