by: Taea

Time flies when you're having fun playing war. Has it really been six months already since the launch of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa? Note: Information on the other launch of Richard Garriott himself can be found on his website. NCsoft wants to reward the players still chugging along, killing the Bane, with a few fun additions to the game.

Speaking of General British, veterans receive their very own hat to wear to imitate the man they've grown to love. Please note the head gear is NOT authorized for use in official formations, and will not get you into the Officer's Club.

Something that is approved for official use is the new Green Beret. While not quite as spiffy as the black version worn by the General himself, it's sure to add a snappy edge to any outfit. The beret comes with Stainguard, so that purple Bane blood will sponge right off.

For those times when a shotgun is just not enough, AFS soldiers can now wear a battle-tested pair of Brass Knuckles. These in-your-face punching aids can bring even the toughest Crusty to his knees. I think if you look real close, you'll see the they leave an AFS Logo imprint behind on your victim's face; just so they'll never forget who hit 'em.

New Tabula Rasa Six Month Veteran Rewards:

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Every 6 month anniversary needs a celebration, so how about a dance party? Show off your mad dancing skills in taverns and battlefields across the known worlds. Ballet (with emote text saying "You dance a ballet"), Breakdance and YMCA (emote text "you put your pride on a shelf and dance like it's 1979) training has been implemented for all soldiers at the six month mark. Enjoy!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016