As Tabula Rasa joins the ranks with the other games that were forced to close their servers after a rough launch and disappointing sales, we wonder if the trend of disposable MMOGs will continue. Has the value of catering to the fans become lost in a blur of bottom lines and fiscal management?

Like many, I played beta and that was about it. I was turned off by the first person shooter feel and the interface controls that were awkward and unnatural to me. Clearly I wasn't the only one that felt this way. Tabula Rasa had a very liberal open beta and while many logged in to play for weeks and even months while it was free to do so, the shine wore off before the game even hit the shelves and the game had a rather bleak launch and from there, the numbers just kept falling.

Savanja salutes the game that was born from brilliance and dies from disinterest, while fans mourn and critics gloat, in the editorial Tabula Rasa: The Fate of a Disposable Game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016