Treasure for Veteran Players!

Rewarded for their loyalty to the game, veteran players are given special pirate booty.

In order to show our appreciation to our many veteran players’ for their constant support of Tales of Pirates, we’ve decided to hold a special event on May 26th –Memorial Day to reward them.

To enjoy the event, players must meet the following requirements:
1. Accounts must have been in regular use for more than one year (that is, accounts must have been opened before or on May 26th 2007.)
2. Accounts must include at least 1 character above level 20.

3. One account can only be used once.

Players with accounts meeting these requirements will be given an Anniversary Chest for each of their accounts and will randomly get Happy Holiday Magazine, Voodoo Puppet, Angels’ Wings, Amplifier of Strive or other items by double clicking the Chest.
If players have obtained the Cake Sampling Voucher, they can keep it for another event in the future.

The validity duration will be from May 26th 2008 to June 26th 2008.

Dear veterans, thanks again for your loyalty to our game! We deeply appreciate it!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016