Talent Builds – Introduction

So you’re a Druid, the question is what kind of Druid? Are you going to concentrate on being just a healer? Want to do some damage from far away by casting? How about getting up close and personal in bear or cat form? Some hard choices to choose from so I have put together something that will help you decide which path you want to go with.

Talent Builds – Talent Definitions

Like any other class there are a total of 3 different talent trees you can build from. Here are the definitions of each Type:

Feral Druid – This tree will allow you to focus mainly on the Druids melee combat ability. It will add bonuses to most of the skills you use while shape shifted into a Bear or Cat.

Balance Druid – This talent tree will focus mainly on the Druids ability to cast direct Damage Spells. It will allow you to add bonuses to your Moonfire, Thorns, Starfire and other direct damage spells.

Restore Druid – This talent tree will focus mainly on your efficiency when casting Healing Spells. It will provide Bonuses to how much mana is used to cast your heal spells, how much hate is generated and add large bonuses to your mark of the wild spell.

Now that you have an Idea what each talent tree will focus on it’s now time to start putting points into the separate talents in the tree you have chosen. I will cover the talent points options that I have seen work best in different situations:

Talent Builds – What you need to know.

A Druid is a “Class Filler” dependant on the group you are going to be in. While the Druid is a Jack of all trades the end up being the Master of none. What does this mean? It means that while you can take the role of a Caster, Healer, Rogue or Tank, you will never be as efficient as a class that is designed specifically for that role.

Here are all the Advantages and Dis-advantages to the different roles the Druid can play:

Bear Form – (Tank) - Dis-Advantages

Attack Speed – Unlike a Warrior your attack speed is pretty much set to a Standard Level and Weapon speed is not taken into Factor.

Damage – While in bear form your Claws are classified as there own weapon. Your Damage will be based on the Base level of the Claws themselves and your power rating. Here is an example of what I mean:

Damage Calculation:

Caster Form - Level 60 Druid – Restore Build – Weapon Skill (Staves) = 297 – Power = 190 – Equipped Weapon = Soul Keeper (141 – 213 Damage) – (44.6 Damage per Second) = Total Damage Rating of 192 – 265

Bear Form - Level 60 Druid – Restore Build – Weapon Skill (Staves) = 297 – Power = 370 – Equipped Weapon = Soul Keeper (141 – 213 Damage) – (44.6 Damage per Second) = Total Damage Rating of 167 – 218

Total Damage without any weapon in Bear form will also = 167 – 218

As you can see from the example in above. You overall Damage while in Bear form dropped with the same weapon equipped as you had in caster form.

Healing – While in bear form you are restricted from using MANA, HEALING or anyother type of potion. You are also restricted from using any of your Druid Heal spells. This means that if you shape shift to heal or use a potion while the enemy is still attacking you will be at a larger risk of dying.

Armor Type – Even though you get a boost in your over all Armor you are still restricted to only leather Armor.

Beast Classification – Anyone with the ability to use a sleep spell specific to Beasts will be able to use it on you.

Bear Form – (Tank) – Advantages

Increased Power – 180 point boost to your overall Attack Power.

Increased Hitpoints – At Level 60 you would be looking at a total boost to your current hitpoints by 1240.

Armor Boost – You get a total with no Talents in Feral a 360% boost to your total Armor rating. This combined with your HP boost will allow you to take a lot more hits.

Taunting – While in a group you will have the ability to both Taunt a single target and taunt multiple targets.

Immune to Polomorph

Rogue Build – (Cat Form)

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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