Weigh In. Pick a Corner. FIGHT!

You have an opinion? Of course you do. Well now's your chance to voice
it - and be heard!

We're going to pit two forum posters against eachother in a duel to the
death. Figuratively speaking of course. We'll be tossing out topics,
and looking for volunteers who feel confident enough to argue their
point of view against someone with an opposing view. We're going to
lock them up in a private forum for the weekend and let them box it
out. After they have spent the weekend arguing and flaming eachother,
we're going to go in and take all the juicy parts and post it for the
world to see; complete with commentary from your favorite Ten Ton
Hammer: Age of Conan Community Managers. We'll do a punch-by-punch
replay of the fight and announce a winner of the match in a fully
published article.

It's going to be ugly. It's going to be messy. And it's going to be
FUN. Kind of like reality-tv for MMOGers.

Rules of Engagement

There are no rules! Ok, there are some.

- The contestants may not swear or use racist and/or sexist remarks.

- Try to use brain as much as brawn. While we all love to read a good
flame now and then, if you can't back it up with solid reasoning,
you're not going win.

- Refrain from using real names. Obviously don't include home addresses
and phone numbers. Not cool.

- Remember it's about fun. If you're the type to be easily
offended, we're not going to show any pity if you sign up for the
contest and get pwned.

- By entering the forum brawl, you understand and accept that Ten Ton
Hammer can and will use your posts for a published
feature article.

- You also understand that the views and expressions in the forum brawl
are not necessarily those of Ten Ton Hammer.

How to Enter

Send Machail a private message on the forums with a sample of
your opinion on the topic at hand. Be creative and be expressive. We'll
be looking for people who can express themselves well and who would be
entertaining to watch in a forum fight.


This week's Topic

PvP-RP vs. PvE-RP servers. Do we need both?

We'll be waiting anxiously by our PM boxes to hear your entries. If you are
selected to be a participant in the first forum brawl, you will be
contacted by Friday, April 4th. Remember! You need to be available to
post and argue this weekend (April 5th-6th).

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016