Ten Ton Hammer's Warhammer Online Guilds of the Month

July's 2nd Guild - Widespread Panic

So there you are. Just made up your character and he/she looks cool. DAMN cool. You can't wait to get out there and play and level up! Oddly enough though, you start to find that the game gets boring for some reason. You log in and you're all alone, soloing or putting up with cheesy pick up groups just to get into some of the higher end content. You thought there would be more to Warhammer Online than just questing, ganking, and getting loot. This is where guilds come in. Guilds have many functions in MMOG's. They're a way to see higher level content. They're a means to get a chance at gear that you may not have ever seen othrwise. Most importantly, a good guild will become your online family. Full of friends you can't wait to jump online with and tackle the challenges of your game of choice.

We here at Ten Ton Hammer realize the importance of guilds in the world of MMOG's. That's why we're featuring a different Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning guild each month to give you a chance to get to know the different guilds of WAR and possibly help you find a group of like minded folks to make your gaming experience that much better.

This month, we introduce the Destruction guild that got a video shout out from Mythic's very own Josh Drescher a few months ago, Widespread Panic!


What kind of guild is Widespread Panic and what are they all about?

Widespread Panic is a guild of gamers with lives, but also have an intense desire to win. I hate wasting time. We invite members that think they will help us make the most efficient use of our time winning. We want players that contribute to the greater cause. We also want those players to be friends. I discourage use of player names on our member forums and ask members to use everyone's first name or nickname if they prefer. Widespread Panic will be playing on the Destruction side. We are playing on a US server, but have members from the US East Coast to Hawaii to Australia. As Josh said in the Podcast of Reckoning, there will be an advantage to the guilds that do not have a specific play time. We will definitely have guild events, but we'll also have people logged on during all different time zones to cover our "sixes".


What other games have you been involved in and what sort of success have you seen in those games? What are the goals of Widespread Panic in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?

While many of our members, including myself, began our MMO experience with Everquest 1, Widespread Panic was formed as a World of Warcraft 5v5 arena team just before the launch of season one. Widespread Panic had a lot of success, more than I expected. We were the highest rated team on our server, the highest rated Oceanic team, and consistently top 20 in our battlegroup. When we heard that RvR was returning, new and improved, we decided it was time to resuscitate the website and get our members back together. We have taken what we have learned from DAoC and WoW arena and made, what we think, is a very solid jumping off point.

Some arena teams used to log off when they saw they were up against us. We are looking to achieve the same level of success in our Warhammer RvR play. If you are lucky enough to ever take us down, it will not be without a good fight. That is where our name, Widespread Panic, comes from.


What sort of time commitment are you looking for from members per week? Are there level requirements or restrictions for members?

Right now, we are not asking any specific time commitment from our members as long as they make significant contributions to the guild effort. We will have guild events that will require a certain number of people to log on at certain times for keep and city sieges. We are all adults and there is no micro-managing or ridiculous rules, I just ask that members stay social via our forums, our IRC chat room, or Ventrilo, but the only requirement is that every member have Ventrilo and a mic.


What level of importance do you place on the social aspect of your guild? Is Widespread Panic all about the end goal or more about the people involved?

Widespread Panic is a very social guild. We have a contingent that plans on leveling all the way to 40 together. These are exactly the type of activities that we like to pursue - you get to enjoy the social aspects while learning your brothers-in-arms' play style. Fun and strategic. I like to think of our membership as a brotherhood and any of us will pick up a sword if one of our brethren goes down. In my experience, there are two things that give guilds staying power: success and friendships. So, to answer the question, I don't believe being social and being about end goal are mutually exclusive.


If someone wanted to join your guild, what would be the best way to do so? Who should they get in contact with? Do they need to be a part of the Warhammer Online Beta test to apply or can they apply prior to release?

First, go to our website: feariseverywhere.com. Second, enjoy the clip of Josh Drescher giving WSP a shout out. Third, erm, check out our general forums. There are instructions in the forums about how to apply. I tried to craft the questions so that half of them elicit essay answers instead of the standard issue questions. I want to see that people a) really want to join and b) are thoughtful. Our membership is open to all classes and do not need to be in beta to apply. I expect a lot of people, including myself, to change class preference once we get closer to release. Once someone is accepted, we do have a trial period where we decide if the person is a good match for our needs and vice-versa. All of this may sound a little elitist, but Widespread Panic is the most inviting and friendly guild you will ever play in, but we also want people that have our same level of determination.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016