Ten Ton Hammer's WAR Guild of the Week 11/03/08- 11/07/08

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is now in full swing and you're having a blast! You've got your Public Quests down, you're questing for the betterment of your chosen faction, and your significant other is wondering what in the hell this "No DPS! HEALS!" chant you keep screaming from the other room is, as you RvR. Yes, life is good in WAR, but you still feel like you're missing something. Playing solo is starting to wear on your experience. What do you need to fix this little problem in an otherwise exceptional game? You, my friend, need a guild. Guilds are an important part of any MMO experience. They provide a sense of commerarderie. They provide a sense of team accomplishment. And most importantly, sometimes they provide off color body function jokes in guild chat that make you laugh so hard, you run straight into a group of order players you didn't see while you were doubled over.

You obviously want to join a group of like minded folks, but how do you make that choice? Easy, you interview them! Ten Ton Hammer realizes the importance of having a good guild to play with and to that end, we present you with our WAR Guild of the Week segment. A feature designed to give you a little insight into the guilds of WAR and help give you a place to start when looking for the right guild for you.

This week we introduce Affliction, a Destruction guild on the Avelorn server.

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Guild Name: Affliction
Guild Type: Destruction
Server: Avelorn
Members: 30-40
Looking for: Affliction is looking for players who:
- Are dedicated to having fun.
- Realize that respecting others along with each other is important.
- Have a positive attitude and not easily offended.
Guild Website: http://www.corecorp.info/war.htm


What kind of guild is Affliction and what are they all about?

Our main goal is to enjoy the entire game, meet new people, learn how to improve our game and unite other Destruction guilds. We are an NC-17 guild that values maturity, mutual respect, communication, integrity and most our member's time.


What other games has Affliction been involved in and what sort of success have you seen in those games?

In other forms we've adventured in Ultima Online, Ever Quest, Ever Quest 2, Vanguard, and Dungeons & Dragons Online, Lords of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft and still active in EVE Online. (See our EVE flash movie here http://www.corecorp.info/)

We built guilds in all and had varying successes; UO and EQ were huge and were multi-year adventures. Vanguard and Ever Quest 2 never got off the ground due to post beta failures. LOTRO and DDO we were doing well but lost interest within a year, our WOW adventures were great but we were a very small focused guild, a dedicated hit squad and had a great time.

Our EVE Online corporation, as CCP calls guilds, is going strong and still very active. My initial delegation and core leadership build has taken over beautifully and they are fine and understand my much needed break from nearly three years of EVE. We plan to use the same level of delegated leadership. I plan to use some of the same models commonly used IRL PMP practices. It works.


What are the goals of Affliction in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?

To enjoy the game how each member sees fit, to play all content new and current, to win, and to look good doing it.


What sort of time commitment are you looking for from members per week? Are there level requirements or restrictions for members?

We have no time or level requirements for general membership. In general, exceptions are possible, we're a 17+ guild that expects and values maturity, mutual respect, communication, integrity and most of all our members' time. We require all members to check their egos at the door, be able to communicate in decent English, be good at their chosen class/es, or show potential and the ability to learn.


Do you require the use of Ventrilo/Teamspeak for your guild members?

We use Ventrilo and it is not required for general membership. Depending on a members rank and role this changes. We'll be requiring our senior member and leadership, depending on role and rank, to be able to at least listen, mostly talk and listen.


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What level of importance do you place on the social aspect of your guild? Is Affliction all about the end goal or more about the people involved?

It's all about our members and winning as you'll see once you peruse our flash website. The level of detail and coolness should be very clear and become more apparent as one digs into Affliction.

Further more; a couple of us are old guys who suck horribly at golf so we have a few extra bucks the wives won’t miss. We remember the broke days of high school and college therefore we intent to reward our members and help those out in need. See the flash site (Read More links) for complete details.

We intend to hit the end game but not by sacrificing good people along the way. We'll just take longer if needed, which I doubt.


Does Affliction charge Guild dues/taxes? If so, how much and what are they used for?

Yes we do and currently we are charging 10%. But, in the near future we'll be discussing an increase and informing our members on the need for higher taxation. This will not happen with out full disclosure and a majority approval.

First, WAR taxes only hit your kill coin they do not touch your vendor food, auction sells and regular questing coin. We've done test at 50% and 100% member tax via tithe. In every case, heavy crafting or light crafting, players were able to afford their mount with ease by level twenty.

The reason and usage of these taxes revolves around the cost to own and maintain a keep and the expenses to take and defend them. So far we've seen T3 keeps running 100G/day and hear the T4 keeps run 200G/day. It all depends on... member count x level x play time = contribution/tax base. The higher x higher x higher = lower taxation.


If someone wanted to join your guild, what would be the best way to do so? Who should they get in contact with and is there an application involved?

We don't require a member application at this time. We suggest that people use the 'Social' window and do a search on Affliction. Contact any member for an invite and let's try each other out for a few days or more. If it works for both sides and you haven't done it already, you'd need to register to our forums.

If you prefer to do your homework and ask questions consider the following options. Contact the following for short and long term details; Cross, Ebola, Rut, Sphinx (more contacts coming). Also, reviewing our flash site will answer most questions. You're welcome to join our forums and chat via private messaging, Cross. Lastly, you can catch us in the game, join in on some battles or just pin us down and hammer out any questions you might have.

If all else fails email me or we can chat on the phone.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016