Ten Ton Hammer's WAR Guild of the Week 9/28/08- 10/4/08

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is now in full swing and you're having a blast! You've got your Public Quests down, you're questing for the betterment of your chosen faction, and your significant other is wondering what in the hell this "No DPS! HEALS!" chant you keep screaming from the other room is, as you RvR. Yes, life is good in WAR, but you still feel like you're missing something. Playing solo is starting to wear on your experience. What do you need to fix this little problem in an otherwise exceptional game? You, my friend, need a guild. Guilds are an important part of any MMO experience. They provide a sense of camaraderie. They provide a sense of team accomplishment. And most importantly, sometimes they provide off color body function jokes in guild chat that make you laugh so hard, you run straight into a group of order players you didn't see while you were doubled over.

You obviously want to join a group of like minded folks, but how do you make that choice? Easy, you interview them! Ten Ton Hammer realizes the importance of having a good guild to play with and to that end, we present you with our WAR Guild of the Week segment. A feature designed to give you a little insight into the guilds of WAR and help give you a place to start when looking for the right guild for you.

This week we introduce Iron Phoenix, an Order guild on the Iron Rock server.

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Guild Name: Iron Phoenix
Guild Type: Order
Server: Iron Rock
Members: 68 (as of right now)
Looking for: Mature casual gamers
Guild Website: www.iron-phoenix.com

What kind of guild is Iron Phoenix and what are they all about?

IRON Phoenix is a gaming community dedicated to providing its members with a mature, fun, and exciting gaming home. Here, we ensure that our members will be treated with respect. In this way we guarantee that IRON Phoenix will be the best gaming experience you have ever had. Our motto has always been real life first! 

Our community consists of members over the age of 18. Most of which have families and jobs that may limit their play. What this means is a more relaxed style of play for everyone. IRON Phoenix is built on the foundation that you play when you can and you take care of what matters most, real life.

What other games have Iron Phoenix been involved in and what sort of success have you seen in those games?

Iron Phoenix has been around since 1999 and will be here for a very long time. We are not a flash-in-the-pan clan that springs up to play a game and dies out with that game. In our history, we have fielded teams in Tribes, Mechwarrior, Jedi Knight, Unreal Tournament, Rainbow Six, Planetside, America's Army, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Eve Online, Team Fortress, and many more. Our name is typically well known on the servers we play on.

What are the goals of Iron Phoenix in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?

To have fun is our primary goal. We aim to enjoy all the content WAR has to offer Instances, Public Quests, and to have a strong RvR presence.

What sort of time commitment are you looking for from members per week? Are there level requirements or restrictions for members?

We do not require any kind of play time per week and there are no level or class restrictions of any kind.

Do you require the use of Ventrillo/ Teamspeak for your guild members?

We encourage the use of Teamspeak, as it makes grouping much easier, but it is not required for in game membership only. Membership in the over all community does require Teamspeak.

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What level of importance do you place on the social aspect of your guild? Is Iron Phoenix all about the end goal or more about the people involved?

Obviously we want to be successful and do well in the game, but our primary drive to have fun and enjoy the company of our fellow gamers.

Does Iron Phoenix charge Guild dues/taxes? If so, how much and what are they used for?

Our Guild Tax rate is set to 30% to fund RvR equipment.

If someone wanted to join your guild, what would be the best way to do so? Who should they get in contact with and is there an application involved?

To join us in game join the Iron channel /channel Iron or send a tell to our Directors. Their mains are Artair, Hooli, Talion, and Addar. For full community membership visit out site at www.iron-phoenix.com or send us an email at [email protected] and request an application

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016