Ten Ton Hammer's Warhammer Online Guilds of the Month

July's 1st Guild - Alpha

So there you are. Just made up your character and he/she looks cool. DAMN cool. You can't wait to get out there and play and level up! Oddly enough though, you start to find that the game gets boring for some reason. You log in and you're all alone, soloing or putting up with cheesy pick up groups just to get into some of the higher end content. You thought there would be more to Warhammer Online than just questing, ganking, and getting loot. This is where guilds come in. Guilds have many functions in MMOG's. They're a way to see higher level content. They're a means to get a chance at gear that you may not have ever seen othrwise. Most importantly, a good guild will become your online family. Full of friends you can't wait to jump online with and tackle the challenges of your game of choice.

We here at Ten Ton Hammer realize the importance of guilds in the world of MMOG's. That's why we're featuring a different Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning guild each month to give you a chance to get to know the different guilds of WAR and possibly help you find a group of like minded folks to make your gaming experience that much better.

This month, we introduce the hardcore Order RvR guild, Alpha!

What kind of guild is Alpha and what are they all about?

Well Alpha is a Hardcore Open RvR Order Guild, that will actively be pushing the end-game content and shooting to be the most dominant order guild on our server. We will strive to protect and serve the others on our realm while we defend Contested Areas, Keeps, and Capital Cities. The whole idea of Alpha is to provide a serious gaming experience to our members while not going overboard.

Our attitude on ventrilo banter during RvR, PQ's, and Dungeons is instead of screaming at each other about mistakes, we will try and overcome them with alternate strategies and smarter game-play. This provides a more 'mature' decision making system to our strategies and has yielded great success in previous games.

Our guild is made up of level-headed players that excel in the 'art' of gaming. Most of our Officers, Members, and GM have cleared Black Temple in WoW and have held the "gladiator" ranking in the Arena System .

What other games have you been involved in and what sort of success have you seen in those games? What are the goals of Alpha in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?

Well we specifically created Alpha for the purpose of WAR so we have not moved from another game but here is a list of end-game clearing experience for our GM, Officers, and Members have:

Vanguard, Lineage II, Matrix Online,Tabula Rasa, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, City of Heroes/Villians, Graal Online, Unreal Tournament 2004, Unreal Tournament 3, Counter Strike Source, Warcraft 3.

With specific information such as:
-Gladiators from the WoW PvP System
-Black Temple clearing from the WoW PvE system
-Guild Wars guild world ranking of top10
-Unreal Tournament Rankings of top100
-Infamy Ratings over 9000+ from Vanguard
-Halo 3 Ranks of 50

And many more boundless achievments.

What sort of time commitment are you looking for from members per week? Are there level requirements or restrictions for members?

Currently we are searching for members that are able to commit 30-40+ Hours a week to WAR. We feel that this is a fair amount of time to still participate in the ever popular MMO known as 'real life', while still allowing for a dominant presence within the WAR world.

Currently we have no level requirement but come a couple months after release we will enstate one.

What level of importance do you place on the social aspect of your guild? Is Alpha all about the end goal or more about the people involved?

We like to create a 'mature' gaming experience for our members and thus we expect everyone in the guild to enjoy playing and conversing with each other. Every member in Alpha is an extremely important part of our guild, because without them we would be nothing. We strive to build a strong, organized, mature guild each day as we grow. As a part of this process we have to be careful on who we select as members and friends of the guilds. We do not accept any applications for anyone that we think would not fit in well with our family.

If someone wanted to join your guild, what would be the best way to do so? Who should they get in contact with? Do they need to be a part of the Warhammer Online Beta test to apply or can they apply prior to release?

Once open beta hits the best way to join our guild would be to get in contact with a member in-game and ask them about our website address. Also chat with that member a little about the guild, get an opinion of how our guild is run. Feel free to ask questions (but please limit yourself) about Alpha and they will kindly answer.

For your application process we do ask that you visit our website http://alpha-guild.guildlaunch.com and submit an application for the Guild Leader and Officers to review.

Currently we have a couple members in closed beta but it is not a requirement. We are open to recruiting anyone that will be playing the game at it's launch but STRONGLY prefer that anyone applying has pre-ordered the collectors edition in order to join us in our Open Beta practice for the release.

We also have a limited number of class positions available so make sure to get your application in today!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016