Ganking, Camping, Getting shanked at Menethil Harbor 3 times before you can catch the boat to Kalimdor, because you just want to go meet some night elves... It's all discussed here in our latest article; "TenTonHammer Presents: "Griefing". Here's a quick snippet of the article:

When I started World of Warcraft I was a complete “n00b” to the world of MMORPG’s, I had never been a part of the Ultima Online or Everquest craze. No, I was more of a Blizzard fan boy who was enthralled with the universe they had created, and thus was never someone who knew a lot about MMORPG’s until I actually played one. Of course, when I started playing WoW there were lots of terms I really didn’t know too well (“lfg”, “wts” come to mind) but something I learned really quickly when it came to MMO’s was the term “griefing”.

To start off this article I would like to say I made a mistake, and I would personally like to apologize to those affected by it (mainly Messiah). You see, when I made my first WoW character, I made a character on a PvP realm. During the length of the Beta, I had restricted myself to a PvE server and was really not too familiar with the player killing side of the game; I was much more content to blast through the various monsters and quests of the game. When retail came along, I wanted to try something different so I went with a PvP server. This server is where I first learned of the term “griefing” and its impact on an MMO world.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016