TERA managed to make its official launch without too many issues last week and Senior Producer Brian Knox has laid out a clear path of En Masse Entertainment’s focus for the game in a new interview with MMORPG.com.  In the interview, Knox discussed the team’s focus with dealing with launch pains and some of the things that players can look forward to once they reach the endgame such as BAM hunts, raids, and hard mode dungeons.

Knox also stated that players will be seeing the rollout of two of TERA’s main endgame features once a critical mass of higher level players is reached along with PvP battlegrounds this summer.

The focus right now is looking for any pain points for our players and doing our best to iron them out. As we’re doing that, we’re also working on rolling out two of our major end-game systems—nexuses and the political system. Both of these require a critical mass of higher-level players, which we just don’t have yet. We’re analyzing the data and will launch these systems when we’ve reached critical mass. Based on estimates, you should see both of these up and running before the end of the month.

Source: MMORPG Brain Knox Interview

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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