In the Pipeline!

Some interesting changes making their way to the test server. Most
noteably for the higher levels, apparently El'khazi has learned how to
make a carpet in less than 4 days so now. No more waiting between parts
of the quest. They also figured out how to streamline the carpets to be

- There is no longer a delay between the steps involved in the
El'khazi's Carpet quest series.

- The reward for the El'khazi's Carpet quest series has been increased
in speed.

- Travel carpet locations no longer require you to own a carpet to use

Seems we won't be doing as much walking around Sinking Sands, which means I'll have to lay off the McDonald's again. It also appears they provided some additional flexibility to those who like to tune up
their UI by allowing hotkey button resizing.

- You can now resize the icons in your hotkey bars.

* The hotkey bar context menu allows you to increase or decrease the
size easily.

* You may also set the icons to the desired size using /hotbar_iconsize

* The minimum icon size is 11 pixels, and maximum size is 1337 pixels.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016