The MMO Gamer engages in a little spying on spies.

The MMO Gamer interviews Agency Lead Designer Kevin O’Hara in this recent article from GDC 2008.

It was my final day of infiltrating GDC under the guise of a reporter, and I had just received new orders: I was to attend a meeting with one of our moles inside of SOE, who would give me a classified briefing as to the progress of our new MMO mind control program.

Our man would be waiting for me inside the bar of the W Hotel, across the street from Moscone Center where the larger convention was taking place. My cover story was that I was going to be there receiving a demo of The Agency, one of SOE’s new upcoming titles.

I’m sure the irony of being assigned the task of previewing a game revolving around spies was not lost on headquarters. They always did seem to enjoy their own dry wit.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016