It's not money that's important here.

As The Agency gets more polished and ready for our Bond loving hands, more information about the game's economy is becoming available. What's surprising is not how the economy will work - we all know that already. But what is surprising is the fact that SOE has recognized that fact - it's not all about money sources and sinks anymore.

Will there be some type of a player-based economy?

Yes. The economy is money and items, and alternately operatives. The way all these MMOs evolve it's the rare currency, whatever that rare currency is -- like 30 iron keys in Asheron's Call -- that ends up being the thing that players find important. Money ends up usually not being the factor when it comes to in-game economies. And so operatives are what is going to drive the economy in The Agency, because that is the rare system of collection. Once I have the Black Mamba card, and you want the Black Mamba card, then that's where the value in it is for a player. It's all about getting the fun and unique items that will help you play the game better.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016