Hal is a name not to be trusted in robot form. Perhaps we can trust the human.

GameSpot has a new Q&A posted with Hal Milton, Lead Designer for Sony's The Agency, today.

The Agency is a new cross-platform Massively Multiplayer Online game coming to PlayStation 3 and PC from Sony Online Entertainment. While it may well be from the developers of Everquest, this MMO will swap the traditional swords, wands and shiny armour for automatic weapons, dry martinis and smart evening wear.

We recently got the chance to put some questions to Hal Milton, the game's lead designer, about how The Agency is shaping up. With so many MMOs aiming to topple World of Warcraft from its throne, we asked Milton about the team's long-term plans for the game, as well as how combat and non-combat operations will be handled.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016