In our third exclusive interview with Trion Worlds, Ten Ton Hammer continues to ferret out the details of the upcoming Rift: Planes of Telara MMOG. In this interview, we talk to Producer Adam Gershowitz, who goes into great depth of the Ascended class soul system that is the hallmark of the game. Along with the discussion of this flexible system, Adam ventures onto the topics of the various roles that players choose and the endless number of builds that can be constructed using the soul system. If you have a question that you wish answered in a future interview, please post them in our official Rift forum.

Ten Ton Hammer: You mentioned that some of the souls you can unlock through quests. What are the different ways to unlock souls?

Adam Gershowitz: The first couple of souls you get, the first three, are mainly unlocked through quests. As for the rest of the souls in the game, there are a number of different activities or accomplishments in the game that you can do for which you’ll be awarded a soul. It’s not all always a quest.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016