The Hardcore Gamer, once the king of MMOGs, seems to have disappeared without a trace. Is he the victim of foul play? Can he still be found? Jeffprime, Ten Ton Hammer’s own intrepid private eye takes The Case of the Vanishing Hardcore Gamer.

I dug out the dossier on one Hardcore Gamer. I needed to see what made him tick. Hardcore Gamer had been a part of the MMOG scene since it began. He was definitely the old school style of player. He didn’t log into a game for a few hours to blow off some steam or chat with some friends. No, he logged in to not only play, but to beat the game every way to Sunday. He learned the best possible way to play his class and he demanded nothing less of compatriots. A game had to be challenging to be worthy of his time and effort. Seeing your character die with little to no penalty to advancement - where was the risk in that?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016