So... tell us about this game you're working on.

RPG Vault chats up The Chronicles of Spellborn developers in this interesting article on the state of the game.

Jonric: What kind of online world will The Chronicles of Spellborn be? When did the project get started, and how did you pick the distinctive elements to incorporate?

Pierre-Yves Deslandes and Aurelija Drevel: It's hard to describe a project as huge as an MMO in only a few sentences. ;) The Chronicles of Spellborn is a game that takes place in a shattered fantasy world - shards of ancestral world floating in a storm of deadly magic. Besides the beautiful scenery, players are presented with a unique combat system, skilldeck, manual aiming, and a "dress to impress" concept, which means the gear has no stats and is purely cosmetic in function. We also emphasize the importance of the questing experience above pure mob grinding; most leveling experience is granted through quests rather than kills.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016