ArenaNet recently announced that "transmutation stones" were going on sale in the Guild Wars 2 item shop to allow players to keep the looks of the gear with the stats of new gear that they've found. These consumables stones are sparking a bit of controversy on how microtransactions will work in the upcoming Guild Wars 2. We've got a new article up taking a look at how the item shop may work in GW2 and what all of this means. While you're here come join our community forums and share your opinion on the subject.

The latest blog post on loot (which you can read our analysis of here) gave allusion to “transmutation stones” being for sale in the item shop. GW2 devs later reaffirmed that the item shop mentioned will be a microtransaction item shop. The community immediately began posting feverishly everywhere with all kinds of strongly worded comments. The most frequent comment being that this is a slippery slope into a world of unfair item shop items and a high “real” cost to the game due to the amount of necessary items you may have to purchase with real world cash rather than in-game currencies.

GW2 Microtransactions and Transmutation Stones here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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