You too can become the envy and target of every player!

What gamer hasn't wanted to help develop video games? No, I don't
mean the ones with a "paintball" theme.  I'm talking full on, high
budget games.  Not the kind you  find in the bargain bin
after two weeks with that generic First Person Shooter game.  You
know, the one you remember playing for about 2 hours, but can't
the name of?  In case you missed it, SOE announced they were looking for the following
last month.

Here are a few of the different types of positions that we have
coming available. These are all full-time positions in the San Diego
studio. They all do require previous professional experience in one or
more of the areas listed. Not all of them are on EQ2.

  • Engineers (Client) -- C++, DirectX, Rendering, Animation
    Audio, Asset pipelines
  • Engineers (Server and/or gameplay) -- C++, 24/7 services,
    databases, gameplay systems
  • Character Artists -- Modeling characters in 3dsmax.
  • Environment Artists -- Modeling environments in Maya
  • Technical Artist

If you are looking to be hired as an artist, I've seen the area you'd
be working in.   Bring a flashlight, some signal flares, or a
torch.   I don't know
how they see but I remember being terrified that something was going to
reach out and pull me into a cubicle.

Gallenite gave us an update today on the hiring process by saying:

We've had some great interviews with folks, hooked up a few others
with potential leads elsewhere at SOE, and it looks like this may just
turn into new careers for a handful of people already. 

We're still looking for more resumes, so please do continue to
apply via the website and PM me including a resume link if you fit the
Engineering or Art descriptions in the original post in this thread.

You can find his statement on the href=""
target="_blank">EQ2 Forums.

You can find his original announcement of the positions on the href=""
target="_blank">EQ2 Forumsas well.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016