Dungeons may be for sale in a Guild Wars 2 near you soon and many are pondering just what it means. In a recent interview it was revealed that GW2 may sell dungeons, XP potions, and more in the GW2 store but nothing is confirmed. Is dungeons as DLC a good idea or are expansions much better for that type of content? Come to Ten Ton Hammer for our take and then share your opinions in our community forums.

Guild Wars 2 is an ambitious game that should be full of some of the most amazing content we’ve yet to see in an MMOG. However, there are numerous heated discussions about how some of that content will be delivered. We’ve already had a huge outcry over the cost of using the transmutation stones and now we’re starting to hear rumbles about pay for dungeon expansions ala Dungeons & Dragons Online. The quote that sparked this revolution was located in this PC Gamer Interview.

What of DLC in GW2? What's the fate of microtransactions in GW2? Let's discuss it here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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