To add levels or not to add levels. This is the heated debate taking place on many World of Warcraft forums concerning the freshly announced Legion expansion. Legion will introduce 10 more levels, increasing the level cap to 110. While many players are looking forward to hitting the new cap and the content that comes with it. Others are not so buoyant about grinding out those 10 levels. Calling it intimidating and a poor system design from developers.

While not as heated as the flying debate, both sides are passionate about their case for and against additional levels in Legion. So, exactly which side is right? Should we see more levels in Legion or is 100 enough? Read onward as we take an in depth look at the arguments from both sides of this debate.

Leveling Win

Fans of a leveling increase in Legion seem to currently be in the majority. This group of players look forward to pushing through the new levels. Some even wishing for more than the proposed 10, after all, 125 seems a whole lot cooler than 110. These players see nothing wrong with current system of adding new levels each expansion and don't want anything to change anytime soon.

It seems that players in this camp feel that leveling is an essential part of the process. Many wouldn't feel any sense of accomplishment without those extra levels. Some even go as far to point out that there is no point to an expansion if you character is not going to level up.

This side sees nothing intimidating about a few extra levels, as others do. Especially considering how easy pushing through the early levels has become. Add into that the bonus of a free level 100 boost for your favorite character and real leveling is only left for alternate characters. A real breeze in the eyes of those on this side of the debate.

Leveling Fail

Of course this wouldn't be much of a debate without an opposing side. The players on the other side just want to say no to additional levels. In fact, the very thought of leveling even just those potential 10 levels breeds a sense of dread. More expansions with even more levels is an unthinkable horror.

To these particular fans, leveling is a grind. They don't have the time or patience to level through 10 levels this expansion then 10 more in the next and so on until the game ends. They feel that 100+ levels is intimidating for new and returning players who may not stick around to make it to end game. They also feel that the leveling process feels empty, a failed system that should be replaced in future expansions.

Of course, just because these players don't want to increase the max level doesn't mean they don't' want their character to increase in power. Instead of the current status quo, those on this side of the debate want to see a new system put into place. Diablo III's paragon system is often touted as an example where your character reaches a maximum level, but still grows without the additional levels.


After hearing both sides of this debate, we are left to ponder who is right. Each of us will likely feel more inclined to feel attached to one side or the other, it is just human nature. However, the real answer here is that neither side is totally right. While both have valid points, neither argument is quite perfect.

Yes, leveling can be intimidating but it isn't really that difficult and provides satisfaction for some. However, others hate leveling with a passion and are tired of the same old routine in game. It seems nearly impossible to appease both sides and it probably is.

This doesn't mean there is no right answer to this debate. The real right answer here is to take a mix of both sides and shake, stir, and meld them together to form a new whole; a totally new “right answer”. While I'm unsure of what this right answer would absolutely look like, it would ideally be one that met the basic needs of both parties. Of course, neither would get 100% what they wanted, but it would be enough to make both sides feel appeased. Something like the final result of flying being introduced intro Draenor. Both sides win a little and both sides lose a little.

While I am not normally quick to jump on the appeasement bandwagon, I feel that both sides have equally good points. Leveling can be fun, it can also be life sapping and it is perhaps past time we saw a new system of power gain for our characters (Artifact Weapons?) be implemented into the game. In the interest of making World of Warcraft a better and more enjoyable game for all, developers would be wise to take into account the concerns of both sides of this ongoing forum war.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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