Ten Ton Hammer donned our Padawan robes for our first feature length, hands-on, ten level preview of the Jedi homeworld, Tython. We'll tell you about one of the game's most anticipated classes, the Jedi Knight, whether SWTOR's story-driven approach is fun or frivolous, offer you a first-ever hands-on glimpse of how multiplayer works, and give you the low-down on the first round of SWTOR morality missions like this one:

"And just like that, I stumble into my toughest morality mission yet. It’s not because my job is to break up the happy Jedi couple – Jedis lead a hard knock life – but because Moracen offers me a sweet crystal for the lightsaber I hope to build soon. In return I’d simply go off and tell the Master that everything was nice and passion-free again. Grimacing (in real life), I stuck to my guns, imagining I’d just turned down one of the rarest of rare color-changing disco crystals. "

It's all in our latest SWTOR preview: The Jedi Homeworld Revealed - A Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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