You need to avoid looking foolish if you're heading for WAR.

If you've never played Warhammer before, you probably have no idea who all the different factions are or what they represent. Fortunately, Rowhin has written an in-depth guide to the lore behind the game for those of you who want to brush up on your Warhammer history.

Sigmar then started his campagin to unite the human tribes of what should later become The Empire, and succeeded in doing so by getting one tribe at a time to join him, whether through conquest or diplomacy. The largest and most powerful tribe he had to overcome were the "Teutogens", who had settled near where Middenheim is located nowadays. The defeat of their chieftain Artur by Sigmar in single combat is commonly seen as the point at which sigmar had gained control of the tribes of the Empire.

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[Source: Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog]

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016