New browser-based MMO

Promising to be the perfect balance of the avatar development and slash-and-burn playstyles, The Legacy of Holy Castle has gone into beta as of June 5th. Also as an advertised benefit of the game, low level units can defeat high level units by just designing some wicked awsome fortifications.

Unique Battle Formation System
In all current web-games, players could simply overpower the other players by throwing in a greater number of soldiers, and such game play makes players to constantly accumulate the number of their units and makes the game to become solely comparing numbers. The Legacy of Holy Castle does not allow such game play to ruin the entire gaming experience. Each player could freely design his/her own attack and defensive formation that best fits his/her strategies. By implementing such game play, The Legacy of Holy Castle actually allows its players to overpower high ranking units with the lower ones by carefully and strategically design his/her ideal formation. Warfare is not only comparing numbers! The strategies implemented by the players should be the key factor that determines the victories.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016


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