Keith Arlin Parkinson

Oct. 22, 1958 – Oct 26, 2005

Renowned fantasy artist Keith Parkinson recently passed away. Even if you are not familiar with the name, you will most certainly recognize his work. Perhaps most recognized in the Everquest community is his creation of the original box art for Everquest and many of its expansions. Parkinson also did covers for books written by authors such as Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, Eddings and Goodkind. You can see some of his work on his website

In one of his most recent endeavors, Keith Parkinson became co-founder of Sigil Games Online with collegues Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler, whom he worked with on the Everquest covers. Here Parkinson made his home as Art Director for the newly founded company.

Brad McQuaid wrote a touching letter shortly after Keith’s passing telling the story of how they met and became friends. The letter genuinely shows what kind of man Keith Parkinson was.

These people who are talented and famous, who have enjoyed fortune and success, who are hounded by fans at conventions… when they experience all of that and still stay real… when it doesn't get to their head… when they realize that what they have is a blessing, not an entitlement… well, when it comes to people whom I respect, those few rank high on my list. And Keith is way up there.

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The Ten Ton Hammer Vanguard team has put together a video tribute to the man and his art. (Right click one of the video links below and "Save As" to save and view the video.)

Lo Res Video

Hi Res Video

I myself remember staring for long periods of time at the covers of some of my favorite Terry Brooks publications, drinking in the complexity of the work laid before me. I can honestly say Parkinson’s art motivated many of my own creations. He will truly be missed.

Good luck on your Journey Keith.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016