Virtual reality gaming is potentially the future of gaming on the whole. The technology, although still not fully optimised, is fast improving and gaining more and more popularity. Gaming companies have been working tirelessly to improve the gaming experience for players over the years, with huge graphical improvements but VR allows players to actually totally immerse themselves in the game. This appeals to so many people, especially those chasing realism, as instead of just playing on a console with a tv screen, they could be actively taking part in their favourite titles.

Sony, for example, has the PlayStation VR which works seamlessly with the PS4. It allows users to experience virtual reality while still being able to play traditional console titles. You can see patterns emerging though with some games having VR capabilities and add-ons. This is a great way to introduce VR to players rather than making people decide between VR games and traditional console titles. This strategy is actually working, and it has been noted increase in the popularity of VR, which also coincides with improvements to the hardware itself.

Virtual reality gaming would have probably taken off and become mainstream a lot sooner had the hardware lived up to expectations. Teething problems and high costs prevented a rapid rise, but now experts predict there will be a huge increase in the sales of both VR hardware and software. Now that the PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift are here and doing virtual reality justice, it will allow the content produced for the headsets to flourish, just as game developers wanted.

With more and more content now being produced for VR hardware, more and more people will look to try out the new technology. It's the same as when motion technology came in through the likes of the Nintendo Wii. After a while, this technology became mainstream, with other gaming companies following suit in creating both hardware and software to take advantage of the new 'in thing.'
So virtual reality gaming is on the rise and the more traction it gains, especially through the media, the bigger it will get and people will soon see themselves being able to play their favourite titles using this stunning technology. There's also games that are just for VR and these will continue to improve over time too.

It's not just gaming where virtual reality is making a sharp rise either. The technology is being used to benefit people in all sorts of ways. One industry that could quickly adapt virtual reality to improve user experiences is the betting and casino industry. With so much trade now being conducted online, companies are always looking for ways to replicate the real life experience for users enjoying their favourite online casino at home for example. VR technology could see content created that would allow users to feel like they were actually at a casino or if they were playing online slots, they could actually take part in bonus features for example.

Imagine a time when players visiting their favourite online casino, could actually be experiencing it through VR technology. This is where the possibilities are endless, as a player would be able to have the 'real feeling' of being in the casino, meeting other players, interacting with dealers, being completely engaged with the slot machines together with all subtle sounds and ambience that makes the whole thing become real!

The possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure, video gaming and VR technology really does go hand in hand. In a few years' time it will be all the rage and this will only help to improve both the technology and the content produced for it going forward.

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Last Updated: Sep 01, 2017