When it comes to secret societies, few are as recognized as the Illuminati. Some even believe the secret society exists today, infiltrating governments and working towards their own nefarious agenda. Recently, The Secret World's game director Ragnar Tornquist spoke with GameSpot to let the community know this secret society is alive and well in The Secret World. Ragnar explains what life is like from the Illuminati viewpoint and how the secret society conducts itself in The Secret World.

The Illuminati certainly have cash to spare, and the society knows how to use it--though it may not look that way. Not on the surface. They're not flashy, not when it comes to the serious business of ruling the secret world. When it comes to weapons, you'll find the Illuminati headquarters being very well protected--in every possible way--and some of this high-tech equipment will certainly be available to initiates…as long as they've proven to be loyal to the illuminated path. Nothing comes for free in their world. Everyone needs to prove their worth, climb the ladder, stab a few backs--you know, private enterprise.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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