The Star Wars saga has some of the most iconic sounds of any brand out there. How many of us have mimicked the mechanical breathing of Darth Vader or the heartfelt Wookie cry of Chewbacca? Bringing Star Wars: The Old Republic to life certainly has to include the memorable feel of music and sound that the movies gave us.

With the goal of creating a fully voiced and an epic world meant to draw players into the story, there is no doubt that sound and music will be playing a huge part in providing the proper ambiance. In this week's developer blog, Orion Kellogg, Audio Producer for LucasArts, talks a bit about what his team is attempting to create and what goes into producing a game worthy of the LucasArts name.

Some of these species “speak” for themselves—we have a fair idea what Jawas sounds like, though it takes a skilled designer to craft conversational Wookiee roars—while others we’ve hardly heard. How do you negotiate in Ithorian? How about Drallish, Pak-Pak, or through the gas-bladder wheeze of a Gand? I’ve had the chance to help Will Beckman write out and conceptualize entire languages—coolest job ever—and for less-spoken languages, we’ve had talented improvisational actors “feel out” the bovine stylings of the Gran. With tens of thousands of lines of alien dialogue and over fifty different species pouring into the game, we’ve paid special attention to varying and hand-placing these exotic encounters and we’re confident this will be an experience that fans of Cantina flavor will appreciate.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016