You don't need an alchemist to turn plat into USD.

Terra Nova brings us a load of stats from Station Exchange, developer SOE's program designed to facilitate the sale of virtual items for real world cash.

" The service opened on 2 of 22 possible servers mid-to-late July. As of Thursday last week, these two servers (taken together) had: 4200 accounts registered for Station Exchange (from 30,000 accounts in total) $420,000 in total turnover ($180,000 in characters, $210,000 in coin, the  rest in items) 7736 successful transactions [exact amount] Average amount transacted per account is $98.16 [exact amount] Average amount transacted per transaction is $54. "

For more stats from the State of Play III workshop on Virtual Property, visit Terra Nova's Everquest 2 Station Exchange catch-up article.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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