We've touched upon the bitterness of loss and have gone over the life of Tabula Rasa, and now it is time to poke the corpse and speculate where NCsoft's development team went wrong and what the death of this game means for the MMOG industry as a whole. Were mistakes made? Could this all have been avoided? How does this effect the future of those games still yet to see the light of day?

We'll answer these questions, provide some gratuitous conspiracy theory, and much more in The Tabula Rasa Autopsy: What Makes Games Die?

Tabula Rasa tripped, fell, and lunged face first into a pile poo in this regard. The extended beta allowed way too many players to play for free for more months than the current ADHD-ridden demographic even play any given game these days. To make things worse, this also gave critics an ample amount of time to gather their ammo and spread it in neon lights across the world wide web at blazing speeds.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016