The Tome of Knowledge

Books that give you stuff? NOW you're talkin'!!

By Brock "Brokain" Ferguson

The Tome of Knowledge. It sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie or like the

most important book you'll ever read. Well, in the world of Warhammer Online: The Age of

Reckoning, the latter holds true... with a touch of the former as well. One of the features

being most talked about and one that EA Mythic is most proud of, what exactly is the

Tome of Knowledge? Is it a book of quests? Is it a book that tracks your progress across the

lands of Warhammer? Is it a book that tells you things about the creatures you've killed so

far? Well... yes.

The Tome of Knowledge will track your characters progress and adventures

The Tome of Knowledge keeps track of the experiences of your character. When you kill a

creature, you'll get an entry in the book, kind of like a bestiary. On top of the entry,

you'll get an extra bit of experience for killing your first whatever it may be. You may even

get a bit extra based on the rarity or the creature. Not too shabby, eh? It gets better

though. See, the more of these things you kill, the more objectives the book opens up for you.

After killing a worg for example, you might be given a quest to kill a certain number of them.

Once you kill the required amount you may be asked to kill "Wally the Worg".

Now one of the

best parts of the Tome of Knowledge quests is that you're not required to undertake these quests.

You can still stick with just the world quests or RvR if you choose. It's not like the Tome

quests will block you from continuing on a quest path with your world quests. It's there to do if you so

choose. Obviously, you'll miss out on any rewards that that Tome Quest may have offered, but

it's up to you.

Something else that I like about the Tome of Knowledge is that the quests won't always be

spelled out for you, such as "Go here and do this". You'll be forced to think a little about

what you're doing and how you're going to do it. The rewards for the quests won't be shown to

you all the time either. You may know what you're getting for a some quests but others, well,

if you want to know what's behind door #1 you're gonna have to do the work to find out. That

puts a little surprise back in questing. Also, EA Mythic has done a great job of staying true

to the Warhammer style so expect a few of these quests to not only give you some humorous

rewards, but also a title or two that reflects the silly twisted Warhammer flair. I mean,

they've already done chickens for RvR, right?

You can get rewards for doing more than just killing things. exploration will be rewarded as well

It's not all slaughter and mayhem though. Some of your objectives may lie in the realm of

History and Lore or locations. This is the part that all you Lore junkies out there are going

to love. The Tome of Knowledge will give you quests based on discovering the history of the

Warhammer World. The way it's being explained sounds like there may be landmarks to find or

hidden paths to discover to update and complete your quests. These quests will also have

rewards of thier own and will also open up other quest paths to follow.

I think the best feature of the Tome of Knowledge is that it's not mandatory. It's designed

to enhance your playstyle whether it be PvP, PvE, or just wandering the world. It offers a ton

of bonus material that encourages more than just "hack'n'slash" type of play, but doesn't

force it on you if that's not your bag. This accommodation of all styles of play included with

the dark goofiness inherent in the Warhammer universe is going to make Warhammer Online a game

that's going to be exciting to play for a long time.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016