The last few months have seen a tremendous surge in the overall
popularity of target="_blank">Warhammer Online.
With the game slated to release in just a few short weeks, the Ten Ton
Hammer staff thought it would be pertinent to list off a few of the
reasons why so many gamers have been attracted to the title even when href="" target="_blank">the
game is still only in the beta phase.
Without hesitation, Cody "Micajah" Bye volunteered for the job and
concocted his own “Top Five” reasons behind the
abundant popularity of href=""
target="_blank">Warhammer Online.
None of these five reasons have anything to with the gameplay of the
actual product, but much of the popularity of the game can be
attributed some of the factors Cody has included in his editorial.
Agree or disagree, make sure you let him know in the forum!

I won’t go into the details behind Warhammer Fantasy Battle,
will state that the player base that is involved with WHFB are some of
the nuttiest, most diehard individuals I’ve ever come across.
some online gamers bitch and moan about a paltry $15/month subscription
fee to their games, WHFB participants spend hundreds, if not thousands,
of dollars on miniatures and paints along with innumerable hours
painting those miniatures for hobby and tournament play.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016