For all those in need of a good laugh, please take a look here a the Ultimate List of Raid Characters! in it you will find every personality of WOW gamer, including yours! Spend some time reading it, you will not be diasapointed!

Here is just a taste!

The Princess
NOTE: This does not describe all female players, only a certain breed of them.
The Princess will flirt with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. She almost always gets loot over people with more dkp, due to either her flirting with all the people above her or a "slip-up" by the Master-Looter. If she's decent-looking, everyone knows what her Myspace is. If she isn't decent-looking, she'll pretend she is. She probably talks in a really high-pitched voice. She knows at least one other raider in RL and will defend him on any issue no matter what; the whole raid will probably start taking his side too to suck up to The Princess.

The AFK guy
Is AFK during EVERYTHING. He's rarely in Vent (to listen for boss fights) even if he is at his keyboard, and he usually isn't. Typically places himself on Follow to avoid people noticing. He's [email protected]% last for his class on the Damage/Healing meter and never does his class job. He's usually there in time for boss fights but will probably alt+tab again after the fight is done and loot has been distributed. When confronted on his bad DPS, he'll come up with an excuse ("I'm a fire mage/shadow priest/feral druid/not geared/on the phone/bad connection!").

He of 1,000 alts
This person has a level 60 of every class... sometimes two. He or she may be willing to switch to benefit the raid, but the downsides are that: 1) None of those characters are particularly well-geared and 2) He or she often forgets which character he or she is currently playing. This can leads to all kinds of hilarity... and wipes. If your guild has more than one raid, he will insist that one of his alts gets placed in the second raid over other peoples' mains.

The Lucky Roller
This person usually shows up to raids unexpected and knows virtually nothing about the current instance. However, if anyone has roll hacks installed, this is the person. They will roll over 90 on items like the Heart of Hakkar (without knowing what it does) and then never show their faces in the instance ever again. Other common items are: Frayed Abomination Stitchings, Key to the City, Corruptor's Scourgestones, any reputation item in Zul'gurub or Ahn'qiraj, and Head of the Broodlord Lashlayer.

The Ex-Guildie
This person has left your guild for whatever reason (usually because their present guild was a few bosses ahead) but still hangs out in the guild-only chat channels. At their best, these people can be entertaining and perhaps helpful by providing you with advice on encounters that they know. At their worst, they can be downright annoying by A. constantly reminding you of how leet their present guild is, B. insulting people in your guild and stating repeatedly how they're so glad they're out of your guild, or C. telling you that you're bound to wipe on a fight because that's not the way their guild does it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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