DC Universe Online has been flying below the hype radar which makes it almost hard to believe that the latest super hero incarnation will be launching soon. If you have missed any of the DCUO news that has been slowly coming out of SOE, no worries! We have a full recap on all the game basics to catch you up on what the world of DC Comics will be bringing to the MMO genre this November.

DCUO is a story-based, fast action game with 30 levels of fun available at launch. This means that you can expect a strong emphasis on mission gameplay and less roaming around just for the sake of killing stuff with lots of action happening on a continuous basis. Don’t expect the typical MMOG style gameplay, DCUO is going places that other MMOGs rarely go and you won’t likely be spending every second during combat hitting hotbar abilities like you might in other games.

Get to know the world of DC Universe Online and get ready to build you own epic super hero story in game soon.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016