Colton Burgess Chats With Shacknews

Shacknews brings us a Q&A with Colton Burgess today. This interview gives us a look at the back story of the game, races, the lack of levels and player classes, and more.

In my opinion, wading through all the various MMOs available is beginning to feel like trying to make your way through a crowded street: barely any elbow room, lots of noise, and by the time you've made it to your destination, the headache pulsing through your skull makes you seriously consider if the journey was worth it. Each game is like a street vendor, shouting its praise and promising new features and revamped game play when compared to the other guy, but in the end, each title feels pretty much the same.

Whenever something new comes along, especially something completely unknown and unforeseen, I tend to get a little bit excited. A breath of fresh air! A title that will, perhaps, offer a little bit of newness to its genre, or at least tweak existing trends so that they look fresh when brought to the table.

Enter Thrones of Chaos, currently in development at Loud Ant software LLC.

An MMORPG touting features such as no-holds-barred PvPing and strong guild support, Thrones may end up being a sweet surprise for MMO gamers-- or it may flop when made to go toe-to-toe with venerable giants such as World of WarCraft or EverQuest II. I spoke with the game's producer, Colton Burgess, to find out more about this new contender in the crowded field of online role-playing games.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016