You're all mended up from the last outing, you've got your trusty group gathering, and the topic of converstation is where to go! Well, if you're between the levels of 50 to 59, I can tell you EXACTLY where you should take that group for great fun and great experience.

In the lower 50s, the best spot for grouping is definitely the Clefts of Rujark. Found inside the Sinking Sands, this is a dungeon zone full of Rujarkian orcs of many varying levels. The Clefts consist of 3 floors and an instance. Stay on the lower 2 levels in you are in your low 50s. Mid 50s can wonder higher up and check out Scornfeather's Roost, which is an excellent instanced zone for levels 55-60, with wall to wall mobs and several named mobs.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016