At the World of Warcraft – Items, Class Changes, and More panel much of the information was rehashed from things we already know. With Warlords of Draenor scheduled to come out in just a few short days, any new and shocking developments probably won't be incoming. With that being said, it doesn't mean that we didn't take anything away from this panel. In fact, many points were made that reassured us that perhaps Blizzard does indeed have our best interests at heart. Read onward (and skip the hour long chat) for our picks for the top 10 points from the World of Warcraft Items, Class Changes, and More panel at BlizzCon 2014.

Making WoW Fun

As we all know, Warlords is bringing about the loss of many of our beloved spells and abilities. Many of us are a little hesitant about these, even after seeing them in action. Many more are wondering what would cause Blizzard to make such a huge change. The answer is, they wanted to make WoW more fun for every player. The idea was, much like the talent tree revamp, to drop the complexity and get back to the basics. At the end of the day, Blizzard's vision of World of Warcraft is that it should be simple and fun.

Healing Sucks Less

Healing has always been a difficult job and in recent years it has become almost unbearable. The way healing currently works, you must spam heals as fast as you possibly can. There is no time to think, you just spam and spam some more. Your group fluctuates between 100% and almost dead. There is no in between. Miss a heal, wipe the raid, and you get all the blame. Then you curl up in bed and eat cookies and sob until you pass out in a pile of soggy crumbs. Not very fun at all.

Warlords will slow things down. Healers will have time to think about what heal to use, when to use it, and who to use it on. Smart heals have also become less smart, putting the healer back in charge of the healing. Healing will now be more tactical instead of reactive.

More Useful Loot

In Warlords Blizzard wants us to feel like we are being rewarded for our hard work. This means that they have made some changes to the way loot works. Stats on gear now change based on your spec. A piece of gear could work for a variety of classes instead of just one. Plus, even when you get a piece of gear that doesn't mean you shouldn't look when it drops again. Loot can have different (better) specs every single time it drops. This keeps things more interesting and makes it feel like loot isn't just going to waste.

Mana, Mana, Mana

In Pandaria Mana was either a really big problem or not a problem at all, based on the gear you currently and the Spirit on that gear. Freshly maxed out players would find themselves struggling in dungeons, out of Mana at every cast. Players with high level gear had the exact opposite problem, they could cast almost without fear. Warlords will hopefully change this.

The idea is to allow players to comfortably heal without making it much too easy. To do this Blizzard plans to increase base mana regeneration. They have also made Spirit less readily available. With these changes, players of every gear level should be able to heal a dungeon but still having to think about the spells they are using.

Loot Variety

You know how in previous expansions most of your loot came from quests? At least until you started to PvP or hit the raids? Warlords is going to shake things up and make things a little more interesting. Loot will now come from a variety of places; quests, Garrisons, vendors, professions, and more.

Entertainment First

One of the major points made at this panel was that every choice made in Warlords will be based on player entertainment. Whether is is an ability, spell, quest, or story line, if it is not entertaining in terms of game play then it is as good as gone. This returns to the point that Blizzard is trying to make WoW to be as fun as possible for as many players as they can.

Not Just Softcore

A concern of some players was that WoW is becoming too simple. That many of the opportunities to have a real “hardcore” experience are vanishing. In this panel Blizzard explained that this is simply not the case. While they want to make sure everyone has fun there are many ways a player can make the game more difficult such as Mythic raiding or choosing talents that require an action rather then the passive option. It was also indicated that other ways to make the game “harder” may be put in to place as options for players.

Get It, Equip It

Sticking with the fun theme, everyone knows how exciting it is to get a new piece of gear. That is, until you have to gem it, enchant it, and reforge it. This can be a lengthy process that sometimes have to be repeated multiple times. No more. The goal of Warlords is to allow players to literally get it and equip it, which as lead to the removal of reforging and the reduction of gem slots.


Everyone loves a legendary and Warlords will have at least one. Some were hoping this would be a weapon, but it turns out it will be a piece of jewelry instead. Players will be able to obtain a legendary ring in Warlords. Why a ring? It makes sense with the story. The best news about the ring? The panel claims players will be able to get the ring soon after entering Draenor!

Multistrike and Versatility

Multisrike and Versatility are two of the new stats being introduced in Draenor. While there are a few others, these two should make us sit up and take notice because the panel took the time to mention them. Versatility increases your damage, healing, and absorbs, plus reduces the damage you take. Multistrike on the other hand grants your spells, abilities, and auto attacks the chance to activate up to two extra times at a reduction of effectiveness. While not much more was said about these two abilities, they are definitely worth remembering.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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