The New Year has come and gone and as most of us sit home recuperating from all the merry-making we have done over the last few days, we can't help but feel a sense of loss now that the holidays are officially over. No more gifts, parties, or holiday food for an entire year.

Don't let yourself get too gloomy at that thought. There is a fresh new year of possibilities before us and that also means a brand new crop of MMOs that are slated for release for our playing pleasure. Many of which, will be our personal favorite game genre; the MMORPG. Not sure which MMOs to get excited about in the new year? Below you will find my top picks for the most anticipated games of 2014. All of which are ready for launch, have a ton of hype behind them, and also have the potential for some serious earning power.


Wildstar is something beyond the typical big names releasing in 2013. Developed by Carbine Studios, this sci-fi themed MMO is something for players who are looking to get away from the same old thing. With quirky humor, fresh class design, and catchy game play, this game has some serious potential. Add in that players can either pay a monthly subscription fee or choose the play-to-pay option to find the most suitable way to pay for Wildstar and you have something that is sure to catch the attention of gaming fans everywhere.


While destiny might not actually qualify as an MMO, I think it is close enough to make the list. An action game from the creators of Halo, Destiny is set in an unpredictable future. With only one safe city left on Earth and more enemies than you can shake a stick at, players in Destiny will get the chance to explore the solar system and become legends in their own right. No PC version has been announced for this game's release in 2014 , but we can keep on hoping. However, with some big names like Microsoft, Bunfie, and Paul McCartney behind it, Destiny has the potential to be one of the biggest MMOs (or close enough) this year.

Elder Scrolls Online

This big name pushed out by Bethesda Softworks has found itself talked about so much that one would think that it has been out for years. However, after a serious of set backs, the game is set to launch on April 4th of 2014. Matt Firor, general manager of Zenimax Online, explains that players in TESO will have the ultimate feeling of freedom – they can go wherever they want and do whatever they want at any time. With a highly customizable character creation tool, players in Elder Scrolls will feel like they are actually part of the world. To top it off, TESO claims that they will have the largest PvP battles ever seen in any major online RPG. The only downfall? Players will have to fork out a 14.99 a month subscription fee to play, which will seem like next to nothing if The Elder Scrolls Online lives up to the hype.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a space simulator created by Could Imperium Games. Star Citizen started a crowdfunding campaign in 2012, after this they started raising funds using Kickstarter. Funding quickly surpassed their goals and eventually become one of the most successful crowdfunded projects in history and for good reason. Star Citizen boasts a dynamic economy, an open world, and persistent universe all working together to make the game more than a little appealing. Strictly speaking, Star Citizen isn't just an MMO, in fact it has been said it is not one at all since it hosts a single-player, offline game mode. However, I am of the opinion that if it walks and talks like a duck, you can call it a duck and Star Citizen has enough MMO components for it to make my list.

Everquest Next

Everyquest Next is without a doubt already one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and with beta registration open, things are looking better than ever for a 2014 release date. Sony Online Entertainment calls Everquest Next a "next generation sandbox" game. Interestingly, there will be no classes in Everquest Next, instead players can choose from 40 professions that they can mix and match to create their ideal character. Featuring destructible environments, content created by players, and some great lore, this game should be on every player's list.

Everquest Next Landmark

Everquest Next Landmark is, like it's sister game, an online sandbox MMO that is totally free. However, Landmark seems to be further progressed and likely has a better likely hood of being released in 2014. Landmark, much like Minecraft, will allow players to shape and design things inside the world and ultimately take game play wherever they like. How Next and Landmark will be different remains to be scene, however, plenty of people are still excited about this game, myself included.

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World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

If you thought you were going to escape this article without hearing about World of Warcraft, you must be crazy. While many feel WoW has seen it's better days, plenty of people are still playing and anticipation is high for the newest expansion; Warlords of Draenor. Antagonist Garrosh Hellscream will travel back into World of Warcraft's past and enlist some of the big baddies of legend to join up with his Iron Horde and take his revenge on Azeroth. Dripping with lore and new game features, Warlords of Draenor has the potential to be the best expansion we have seen thus far. Even if you have been away from WoW and Blizzard games for awhile, this is one expansion you won't want to miss out on.

The Repopulation

While The Repopulation has already missed one potential release date, things are looking good for this MMO to be release sometime in 2014. A sci-fi, ultra-sandbox MMORPG, the Repopulation is special because of its use of two different modes of combat that allow players to choose which should be used for each encounter. Also unique to the Repopulation is it's advanced crafting system that will allow for the creation and variation of thousands of in-game items. Most importantly, there are no levels to grind in this game, something that should be appealing to almost every player.

Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms

If you don't recognize the title of this game, then you have definitely been living way too far north of the Wall. Based on George R. R. Martians fantasy world will serve as the perfect place for players to take their enjoyment of the books or the show to the next level. Game of Thrones will host all the politics, greed, betrayal, and war that make the show and books so appealing. A 3D browser based MMO, this game will take place sometime after the shows first season. This means, no remakes of an already told story line, making this game appealing for players who are already fans of the show as well as total newcomers.

Project Titan

What can I say about a game that doesn't even have an official title? Not much. Especially considering there is virtually no confirmed information and it's creator, Blizzard Entertainment, has it's lips sealed tighter than Fort Knox. With the Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft universes being such smashing successes, we can probably expect great things from Titan. More than a few players (myself included) are waiting with baited breath to learn more about this new MMO. Sure, the actual release date for Titan is probably closer to 2016, but one can always hope.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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