World of Warcraft can get rather lonely sometimes stuck out in the frozen or fiery wastes of Azeroth on some elite mission from some random person offering you a few coins to gather bear behinds. That’s why non-combat pets exist to give you a little bit of personality and comfort on your adventurers through Azeroth and beyond. It’s hard to rank pets, since each is a personal favorite, and I’ve known many people who have found a simple snake or (oddly enough) a cockroach to be their go-to pet.

So, instead of our top 10 favorite companions, how about we instead focus on the top 10 companions you don’t see every day. Below you’ll find some wild and crazy pets that you probably don’t see often or have special abilities that you might have never known about. 

Enchanted Lantern

10. Enchanted Lantern / Magic Lamp

First on this list is a newer pet, the Magic Lamp/Enchanted Lantern. It’s a lantern (or lamp, if you’re Alliance) that follows you around and shines its glorious light into all of the dark places in Azeroth. It’s rather expensive to craft currently but each faction gets their unique one (and they can be traded across the neutral AH).

Elementium Geode

9. Elementium Geode

This is a pretty cool pet because it’s essentially a flying rock reminiscent of Geodude from Pokémon. It’s rarely seen but a pretty awesome companion for what is essentially a flying rock. You can find this sometimes in elementium nodes and, like most pets, it is tradable.

Personal World Destroyer

8. Personal World Destroyer

Let’s all hit the time machine to the year “Burning Crusade” and the location “Hellboar Peninsula.” There roamed a beast known as the Fel Reaver who was about as tall as the entire zone yet was capable of sneaking up behind you and smacking you flat into the ground. Relive those terrible moments with this little guy. That or annoy your friends with the haunting memories of Fel Reavers.

Soul Trader

7. Soul Trader Beacon

This is one of the most awesome pets in the game because it actually has an impact on combat. The Soul-Trade is an Ethereal who will steal the soul of every enemy you slay and give you Ethereal Credits which can be spent with him to buy some awesome items like Diluted Ethererum Essence which gives you detect lesser invisibility.


6. Pebble

This is a pet you’ll rarely see just because no one wants to see him. Pebble is that other little bugger that’s in tons of hotfixes and patch notes with Blizzard trying to smack some sense into him and get him to follow people out of the cave properly. You can’t make him follow you during dailies but you can apparently get him to follow you through Stormwind or to Deathwing’s front door.

Another neat aspect about this pet is the unique delivery method. Once you get the ‘Rock Lover’  achievement you’ll get a mail from the postmaster saying something has been lost in the twisting nether (as if your inventory was full when you received a loot bag from a dungeon). Inside will be Pebbles eagerly waiting to follow you for once.

Rocket Chicken

5. Rocket Chicken

Okay so this one is a chicken with two rockets. What’s not to love? This hilarious companion has a chance to either hover or blast off and explode. If you take him into water then you get sparks going everywhere too. This is a unique and pretty awesome pet, like most of the trading card game pets are.



You don’t see poor ‘ol Withers much but you might not know he has a cool trick. Once you spawn him he’ll get smaller and smaller over time (he has six different sizes). So you’ll notice this huge pet getting smaller and smaller gradually while out in the world.

Crawling Claw

3. Crawling Claw

There are only two epic pets in the game; the Crawling Claw and the Hyacinth Macaw. This pet is way cool because it’s a hand that crawls around beside you. What’s really cool is that the claw will also play Rock – Paper – Scissors with other claws in the area. So you get a freaky claw that can help alleviate the problem if you’re ever in the mood to do some Rock – Paper – Scissors with your friends.

Warbot / Battlebot

2. Warbot / Battlebot

This pet was a limited time promotional from Mountain Dew, the #1 soft drink of Internet nerd jokes. They’re really neat because there is a limited amount of war fuel (one red and one blue for the two different colors of drinks) which powers up the bot and makes it change colors. The other neat feature is that they actually battle (like Grunty and the Zergling) one another.

They had a rather popular run around when patch 3.1 came out, but you can no longer obtain them and no one pulls them out anymore. So it’s kind of a near rare pet to see out there.

Hyacinth Macaw

1. Hyacinth Macaw

This pet used to be a bit rarer than it is now, but it was once one of the most sought out and rare pets out there. The Hyacinth Macaw was the only epic pet available and dropped only off a few select bloodsail pirates. Even then, the bird had an insanely low drop rate (something like 1 out of every 20,000 bloodsail pirates).

Of course, after Cataclysm, the bird now drops from all mobs in STV with a much higher drop rate so they’ve gone down a bit from their 20,000 ~ 40,000 gold price tag to about 5,000 gold. Still, an amazing piece of WoW history and a rather pretty bird to.

So what’s your favorite companion out there? Leave your comments below.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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