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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
Patch 5.3 is live on the public test realms and from what we have
seen so far things are about to get very real in the gaming world we
love. However, as things amp up in the game world and our focus is
drawn to the impending battle against Garrosh, we cannot help but
also let our minds wander on to what the future may hold. What
expansions are lurking on World of Warcraft's horizon after Mists of
Pandaria? What new worlds (or old ones) will we see?

Unfortunately, no one but lucky
Blizzard employees know the real answer to that particular question.
With that being said, more expansions there will likely be. With so
many potential story lines still available it is hard to pinpoint
exactly what direction they will ultimately take. Will we see more
under the sea zones? Another Hellfire Peninsula? While we can't say
for sure, we can take our best guess. Below are our personal
favorites for future WoW expansions. Enjoy!

Top 3 Potential Future World of
Warcraft Expansions

The Maelstrom/South Seas

The naga are seen in various places
around Azeroth, yet their story and the story of their ruler; Queen
Azshara, has only been told in bits and pieces. The naga and Queen
Azshara's story and history in the world is long, interesting, and
far from over. This expansion would feature the island
kingdoms we already know exist such as Kul Tiras as well as some
underwater zones including the seat of Queen Azshara's power;

Queen Azshara (who as we know as likely
been mutated into a naga demigod) has finally gathered enough
strength to send out her forces to make Azeroth pay for the wrongs
they have done her and there will be hell to pay. Players will need
to battle against her minions and fight their way to her seat of
power deep beneath the ocean where they will finally take on the
queen herself. Rumored to be 20 feet tall with octopus-like
tentacles, Queen Azshara will be an end boss to remember. For
Blizzard to let this story be untold would be a great injustice

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The Emerald Dream

I know what you are thinking, the
Emerald Dream expansion is impossible, literally cannot be done. As
we all probably know, the Emerald Dream has already been done in one
of the World of Warcraft based books and therefore there is no way
this will ever become a full fledged expansion. However, I have other
ideas on the matter.

While the dream was indeed spoken about
and seemingly wrapped up in a book, a clue in game gives me hope that
we may yet see it come to life in game. Ysera mentions that the
Nightmare is escaping again and this time she can do only so much to
stop it due to the loss of her powers after Deathwing's defeat. If
Ysera's comment comes to fruit and the Nightmare does indeed escape
and turn into an expansion pack it will be up to heroes like you and
I to take it on. No matter what path this expansion takes, I am
certain that the Emerald Dream is a WoW expansion pack that will be
worth playing.


While this name may look like something
connected to the Worgen, I assure you that it is not. Argus was once
the home of the draenei, before most of their people (known as the
eredar) were tricked by Sergeras and were given demonic powers. While
some say that Argus was destroyed, it is likely that this world is
still in exsistance and quite possibly the headquarters for the
infamous Burning Legion.

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While many players will say that one
Burning Legion expansion was enough, I say it wasn't enough. At the
end of the Burning Crusade we had only managed to push the Legion
back, not defeat them. Somewhere out there they lie in wait, plotting
and biding their time. If peace comes after Mists of Pandaria it will
likely be after great loss, a prime time for the Legion to strike.
Horde and Alliance will once again take them on, but this time we
will get to take the fight to them and other worlds to finally wipe
the Legion from existence.

That concludes our top 3 potential
future World of Warcraft expansion packs. Would you like to see any
of these expansions come to life in game? What potential WoW
expansions not listed here would you like to see Blizzard take on?
How many expansions will WoW ultimately have? Share your thoughts and
ideas with us using the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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