The LFR (Looking For Raid) tool is a great way for players to experience all of the quality raid content in the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. However as you play through the content using the LFR tool you will quickly run into the many different kinds of players that exist in the game.

Here I look at a listing of my top 5 annoying raid finder personalities.

#5 - The LFR Mom

While generally viewed as a positive personality type (and I love having one as a guild mom), I find them extremely annoying in a LFR group. 

This player wants to take care of everyone. They want everyone to be nice to one another, want to settle over all arguments, and generally want everyone to be friends.  They want everyone to get to know each other and become friends, in a hope that the world will become one large happy family.

As mentioned above, this is great to have in a guild.  In a guild you will be dealing with the same players over time and friction should be settled quickly or guilds end up breaking up.  However in an LFR group it is going to last maybe 2-3 hours at the most, even if I have an argument with someone, I likely won’t see them again after that, so who cares about settling it, it’s easier to just ignore it and move on.

A LFR mom just causes everything to take longer as they fill up the chat window with messages that compete for space with valid fight instructions.  This ends up confusing new players or causing players to miss those instructions, which means the fight ends up in a wipe.

They really do mean well so even if they annoy you as much as they do me, be polite and just remind them it’s and LFR group and you just want to get through it today.  Ask them to chat with their new friends with a /whisper instead of in the raid chat.

LFR moms want every group to remind us of a happy shiny perfect place.

#4 - The Antagonizer (Troll)

This player is the one pokes and prods everyone in the raid.  These are the players that have no friends in real life to have instead entered the virtual realm so that they can drive even more people away from them.

They make sure that people know who is the lowest on the dps or healing meters.  They point out who died or screwed up on a fight and yells to get them kicked, even if it was a minor mistake.

They start random arguments, make inappropriate comments, or insult people randomly just to cause friction.  They are also know to give incorrect advice for a fight just so that players that do not know any better will follow it and be killed or cause a wipe.  They are even known to start fights before people are ready just to cause wipes, antagonists that play hunters are famous for this with their misdirection ability.

These players generally end up on multiple ignore lists, but can cause a whole lot of frustration in a group.

#3 - The Elitist (Perfectionist)

The type of player is better than everyone else (at least in their own head).  They make sure that they are top DPS, or top heal, and more importantly make sure that everyone knows that they are by posting stats for each and every fight.

This player wants everything done exactly right, they will spend 45 minutes explaining the positioning and strategy for a 5 minute fight, and then call for players to wipe it down when the boss is at 10% and everyone is alive, just because someone did something wrong and they want a perfect kill.

They will call for players to be kicked from a raid if they are even 2% below the top 5 DPS players.  They will also call for players to be kicked for any small fight misstep.

This player will generally have the best gear our there and will brag about all the kills their guild has in hard mode.  They generally leave you wondering why they are even in LFR to begin with.  The answer is fairly easy, they need everyone else to know how good they are to stroke their ego.

While having a few of these in every LFR group certainly helps you get through the raid faster, they still grate on my nerves (at least those that have to brag about it) and therefore make their way to a spot on this list.

A perfectionist expects everyone to do everything right 100% of the time, a single hit shown above would be enough to justify a /kick in their minds.

#2 - The Noob

By Noob I am not referring to the player that is in the raid for the first time.  Being new to a specific raid is something that all of us experience and have to learn from.  This Noob player is the type of player that seeming never learns from anything at all, nor do they ever seem to succeed at all.

You will quickly be able to tell these players in your group as they will be the ones that end up being dead the first time a big effect comes up in a fight.  Worse yet, even after a wipe and being warned about the effect, they will be the first dead the second, third, and fourth time through the fight.  They will generally also fail to deal even half of the average DPS or put out half of the average HPS required for the situation.

These players will being using non-optimal rotations, incorrect abilities, and have gear that is not enchanted, gemmed, or reforged. Even if you take the time to explain something to them, they either get too defensive to listen or never seem to get it right.

These players are the quintessential dead weight in any group.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not against players that don’t know any better.  There is nothing wrong with not knowing everything.  There is something seriously wrong with being told about something and then either choosing to ignore it or being too dense to comprehend it. After all we are not dealing with quantum physics here, it is a simple video game.  Therefore these player’s earn my #2 spot on this list.

#1 - The Slacker

This is the person that doesn’t do much in a raid.  They could be AFK for trash, never says anything in the raid, dies on purpose on long fights just so they don’t have to participate in it, or sets themselves to follow and walks away from the computer.

While many times these players are not bad players, they are extremely annoying.  They generally feel that all the other players are just there to get them to the boss so that they can get some new gear. They have a sense of entitlement that leads them to believe that everyone owes them a free ride through a raid and that their time is worth more than yours and therefore they should be allowed to do other things while you get them to the boss and let them win some loot.

While slackers often are very quite in LFR, don’t confuse quite or shy players for a slacker.  Some people just do not talk very much in game, so having not seen any text from a player shouldn’t relegate them to your slacker list.  Watch for those that have low DPS or HPS output, those that follow someone step for step, or those that are dead right away in a fight and then do not accept a rez or a message.

For treating me and everyone else in the raid as an NPC put in place for their own personal gain, I find them the most annoying LFR player type in the game.

The Sha of Fear encounter is a prime example of one that Slackers use to AFK, or die early in and then come back at the end to collect loot from. This is because it is a very simple fight and missing 1 or 2 players does not make it a wipe, therefore they have the chance to go unnoticed.


I have had my say on the most annoying LFR player types in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, what about you?  Which player types annoy or frustrate you the most?  Have your say in the comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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